Climate change, increasing water scarcity and population growth are huge challenges for (drinking) water supply systems. Worldwide 884 million people still lack access to potable water while 2.4 billion people do not have access to sanitation facilities. To achieve Sustainable Development Goal 6, access to water and sanitation for all, partnerships are crucial.

WaterWorX (WWX) is a partnership of public water operators to increase access to sustainable water services for 10 million people between 2017-2030. WaterWorX is co-funded and jointly implemented by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the 10 Dutch water operators and 40 water operators in Africa, Asia and South America. WaterWorX was officially launched during the Dutch celebration of World Water Day 2017 in The Hague.

Water Operator Partnerships

By working together in Water Operator Partnerships (WOPs), water utilities can improve operational, maintenance, financial and administrative processes. In doing so, the continued strength of WaterWorX stands out in building and strengthening the capacity of local counterparts to make lasting improvements that increase access to sustainable water services and generate viable pro-poor investment propositions.

40 partner utilities
in 15 countries
1.6 million people
gained access to water and sanitation services from 2017 – 2021
clean water and sanitation for all